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Category: Technology


Corporations Are People... or People Are Corporations

Tufte Sparklines - Micro Visualizations with AtF Spark

iOS 11 Control Panel Does Not Always Do What You Think

Advertising Groups Complain About Safari Browser Update

Dreamhost Fighting DOJ Warrant for Info on Anti-Trump Protesters

How to Roll Back Fanaticism (@nytdavidbrooks)


UK Seeks Access to Encrypted Messages (@AndrewSparrow)

The Next Blue-Collar Job Is Coding (@Pomeranian99)

Debunking Bullshit: Trump's 2017 Inauguration Crowd Size Claims

How We Get the News

House Judiciary Commission Findings on Encryption (@SeanVitka)

Andrew Napolitano Redefines Hacking, and Other Nonsense (@judgenap)

Whither Mac Automation?

Footnotes in Articles

Obama Giving Away the Internet - Huh?

Why Does Siri Seem So Dumb? (@waltmossberg)

Google Declared King (@TheMacalope)

Yahoo Secret Email Scanning (@josephmenn, @nickywoolf)

FBI Demands Signal User Data (@cfarivar, @arstechnica)

Apple and iMessage Metadata (@samfbiddle, @theintercept)

Microsoft Bets Its Future on FPGA Chips (@wired, @CadeMetz)

Someone Is Learning How to Take Down the Internet (@schneierblog)

The Silencing of Krebs on Security (@arstechnica, @dangoodin001)

iPhone Passcode Bypassed With NAND Mirroring Attack

Apple Watch Coming Apart at the Seams: Part 2

Google Trips and Privacy (@johnvorhees)

Apple AirPods as a New Wearables Platform (@neilcybart, @AboveAvalon)

Thoughts on the iPhone 7 Camera and Whether to Upgrade

Apple Watch Coming Apart at the Seams

Vesper Lessons To Learn (@daringfireball)

Tim Cook Washington Post Interview And Encryption (@jenamcgregor)

Microsoft Accidentally Leaks Windows Backdoor aka 'Golden Key' (@DanielEran)

Apple Maps Interview with Craig Federighi and Eddie Cue (@tetzeli)

Jekyll Categories: Creating A Category List Page

Apple Buying AI Startup Turi (@inafried)

Apple ID Leads Authorities To Suspect (@iMore)

Birkenstock To Stop Selling On Amazon (@levynews)

Senator McCain May Subpoena Tim Cook (@SenJohnMcCain)

Swift Playgrounds (@sfsooz)

White America Couldn't Handle What Black America Deals With Every Day (@henryrollins)

Interview With CIA Director John Brennan, and Encryption (@dklaidman)

Samsung Finally Gave Us The Laptop Apple Should Have

Apple Watch Customer Sat

Mac Sales Slump Remedy

Pinboard Turns Seven

No One Wants To Buy An Apple Watch

Bloomberg On Encryption

Encryption: Congress Does Something Good (@wired)

My Opinion (@wired)

The Demise Of The World's Oldest Photo Studio (@qz)

Push For Encryption Law Falters

Apple and Artificial Intelligence

Avoiding BlackBerry's Fate (@marcoarment)

Jekyll Categories

Trump, Kelly: Two Brands

Journalism, Robots, And Algorithms

Take Back The Web

The Verge: 'FBI Has Lost The Encryption Fight'...

The Road to Illegal Encryption

Encryption - An Inconvenient Truth

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Cloud Services Security

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Apps Don't Last

You Absolutely Can Be Run Over...

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