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Google Trips and Privacy (@johnvorhees)

From the very end of the piece on Google Trips by John Vorhees at Mac Stories:

Of course, to get the most out of Google Trips, you need to log into it with a Google account. If you are uncomfortable with Trips scanning your Gmail and search history to customize what it presents to you, Trips is probably not the app for you.

Despite this appearing to be a cool app to check out, I think reviews of Google’s apps should start with this kind of disclaimer instead of concluding with it. But I guess people are really not too concerned with how much of a view Google has into their private lives.

Update: And at The Verge, last paragraph:

If you have privacy concerns about Google tracking your every step around the world, Trips is likely not the app for you. But if you’re comfortable with the trade-offs, I suspect you’ll find Trips to be a tremendously useful travel companion…

Privacy concerns are nearly just a footnote.

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