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Google Declared King (@TheMacalope)

The Macalope on some of the recent stupid shit in the media regarding Google’s Pixel and other announcements:

Google announced a phone (which they’ve done several times before but because pundits apparently received a collective bump on the noggin no one seems to remember this), a WiFi hub (Apple already makes one of those), a VR headset (which is just goggles to put the Pixel in and a remote) and an Echo-like smart home assistant. The fawning over the last is a delightful insight into the Apple double standard. Echo sales to date are probably only in the low millions but pundits are falling over themselves about this incredible hit. Meanwhile, Apple’s sold about 15 million Watches, owns the smartwatch market and is doing exceedingly well in the watch category as a whole, and has driven Android Wear into the ocean… and the Apple Watch is somehow a flop.

The media does seem to have some weird mental illness when it comes to reporting about Apple.

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