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Trump, Kelly: Two Brands

Trevor Noah on Megyn Kelly’s interview with The Donald on Fox:

“You know last night’s interview doesn’t seem to be about journalism or the Republican Party or even the election,” Noah continued. “It seemed like it was about two brands: Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly, and whether they could forge a mutually-beneficial partnership.”

This is exactly what I thought when I watched a recording of this. Maybe Kelly was not actually going for “journalism.” That this was more about her bolstering her own brand seemed to be reinforced at the show’s closing with her hawking her new book. Trump knows he can stonewall answering tough questions, or providing specifics for almost any question. On this show, she became yet another enabler who doesn’t follow-up to press him. It all makes for a shallow spectacle that viewers can take in without much critical thought, another example of journalism as infotainment.

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