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Open Sourcing Data Center Operating Systems

Cade Metz at Wired on the open sourcing of data center operating systems:

Stoppelman notes that Mesosphere developed an early lead in the new market, and Polvi says much the same thing. But Polvi also believes the market eventually will center on Kubernetes. His company offers an individual server operating system, CoreOS, that works with tools like Kubernetes, and he has worked closely with Google on the open source project. “I think things kinda converge on Kubernetes in due course,” Polvi says. “Kubernetes nailed the interface—the API—for how you talk to these distributed systems.”

Who knows how this all shakes out, but it looks like a significant new battle among the big tech companies. Interesting how Microsoft has been embracing more open source stuff recently, even Linux (which may be explained in part by the company’s investment in Mesosphere).

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